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Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Churches Serving Jesus in Ministry and Missions

Local Mission Opportunities


 Compassionate Outreach Ministries

 661 Linden Bluff Road; Jesup Georgia 31545; (912)427--4409   

We appreciate your faithfulness in collecting the used and non-used literature at the end of each quarter for distributing in foreign countries.   The shipper is Edwin L. Hodges Ministries, located in Decatur, AL.  We are asking pastors, churches and individuals to share some of the books from their libraries.

The following is a list of suggested books:
Bibles - Bible Handbbooks - Bible Dictionaries - Commentaires - Concordances -Sermon Help - Theology/Doctrine - Growth/Discipleship - Prayer Books - Text Books - Study Course Books - Christian Biographies - Books about Jesus - Inspirational Books - Books about Faith - Books about Biblical Characters - Books about the Bible -Any Christian Books                                 
Please take your books for pickup to: your association office, your local church, or to my location, (see address above).  If you have any questions call me.  This is a missionary opportunity, don't miss it.  The need is great, and we must help.

Brother Ed Graham,
The Literature Man

 Are you interested in being part of an association team doing missions outside the territory of the association?  Would you be interested in being part of a Construction Team; Prayer Walking; Backyard Bible Club/VBS/Day Camp Activities or Surveying neighborhoods/door to door witnessing?  Do you have an interest in overseas, or just right here in the United States?  Can you lead a team?  Do you have a suggestion for a mission project?  We would love to hear from you.   

               For more information on these and other mission opportunities contact:  

         Dr. Larry Wilbur, Associational Missionary    
                        2220 Perry Lane Road, Brunswick GA 31525                 
          Phone 912-264-6277 or 1-877-928-9200; FAX 912-264-9462